Friday, November 7, 2014

"Real" Yoga and our opinions about it!

We all have our personal opinions about what is "right" and "wrong" or the "real" yoga etc…

What I personally practice is embodied in the way that I teach, but I also get caught up in trying to please, and it ends of being a blend of what people want….and what I have to share.  What I teach is a blend of knowledge AND personal experience…. There is nothing like personal experience.

However, the POINT of this blog is this…
Dr. Omanand said something I will never forget (well, he said many things I will never forget but, this one is the topic of the day).  He was asked a question about what he thought about a particular "style" of yoga practice and his answer was the most beautiful, simple answer I have ever heard!!! "It is not for me to condemn another's practice."

My heart smiled so big when he said this! Too TOO often, especially on Facebook and blogs I see people (Yogi's) so eager and ready to knock another's practice, "it makes them sick" "it's not "real" yoga" blah blah blah… Really?!!!

For me, that's pretty much the same thing as saying what the "real" God is!? (or Religion, whatever).
How about you just do what YOU do and allow others the space to do the same!
You don't have to like it, so what! Is it bothering you? If you think it's ruining Yoga, well… Lead by example is all I gotta say! Let people find their own damn way!

I personally have strong opinions about what I enjoy for my practice and what works for me,  just because someone else has a different way about it doesn't make it wrong!

I don't give a lick what kind of yoga you practice! Just because I meditate, or practice the 8 limbs of yoga and you like your butt in a puddle on the floor does not make me a better person or yogi!!!