Saturday, July 16, 2011

The tiniest of sparks can inspire a Universe...

I mentioned in my previous blog diversity. 
I have yet found another beautiful example of diversity.  
An art form like no other.  

I don't know too much about Capoeira yet, but I fully intend on finding out!  
I was able to witness this art in person for the first time last night.  
It is considered a martial art but, if I had to explain it I would say it's martial arts mixed with yoga mixed with break-dancing!
The history of Capoeira is facinating and it explains why it looks like a dance.  
Known historical record of Capoeira as a martial art is approximately 1770, check out the link below.
It is the coolest, most fun thing I have ever tried to date! 

My whole life I've always wanted to try a martial art.  
Until now however, nothing seemed to fit me!  
I don't really like the idea of sparring, I don't have anything to prove or need to dominate another, (yea and maybe I'm just a passive hippie chicken).  
Having said that, I am in totally awe of anyone who has an art form that they do well.  
I love the diversity in the martial arts, yoga, sports, or whatever is your thing!  

I love Capoeira because it feels primal, and just right!  
A big part of the Capoeira experience is music.
Music using atabaque drums and an African instrument called the berimbau (among others), to give that tribal sound that resonates down to your core.
Brings me back to my Sepultura days but, that's a topic for another day. 

The music, the energy, the strength and creativity that is poured into this sport calls to my spirit.  
I happily embark on this somewhat intimidating venture with courage and excitement. 

I can hear Marvin Zindler now, "Have a good weekend. Good golf, good Capoeira, or whatever makes you happy!"  

P.S. I know I am totally random sometimes. Some people call that ADD I call it passion.  

Link for more info on Capoeira :