Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In today's world of cell phones, email, internet, and all of our so called wonderful technology, where is the human connection?  You may say all of this allows us to connect more, share knowledge across longer distances ect... but, at what cost?  
If we haven't noticed this technology has created a rift in human relations. We know what's going on in Japan but, do we know what's going on right here in our own community? 
There once was a time when we needed each other to survive now, we focus on the individual me, my, mine!!! 
We fill our gap by contributing to causes that appeal to us on TV or otherwise advertised.  We can browse the internet and find that cause that just speaks to us and by sending our monthly check we feel like we are contributing to society and the betterment of the world.  
While, I am not saying this is not a good idea, I am saying we need to pay more attention to what's in front of us. The world we live in that's right under our noses.

I feel like our lack of kindness towards each other is a direct result of this individual way of thinking.  

Of course, this is just one way of thinking.  There are a lot of good things that have come from us cultivating our individuality. I just believe we need to find a better balance.  Relying on a smaller closer nit community would solve a lot of our problems, from the environment, to our health, our relations, and the way we think about our lives in general. 
A simple way to start would be to take your days slower. Actually pay attention to the person in front of you.  
Give of your self when ever you can.  
Be yourself but, also be aware of your community in where you live!  
Ask for help when you need it, give help when you can! 
Buy and eat locally and seasonally.  
Give back what you take in some way or another.  
Think about it, when has living this large fast more, more, more, life made you happier? 
Just an example: When you go shopping at one of these big chain stores, you can feel the stress as soon as you enter, no personal connection just the ching, ching, ching, of the cash register!!! 

Enjoy the simple things!  Smell the roses, look someone in the eye, shop at your local mom and pop stores, help a stranger, become active in your community.  

A Jewish tale tells of a good king who is dying.  Before all his weeping subjects, he calls for someone to bring him an arrow and asks the weakest of them to break it. The man does so with ease.  Then he asks for a bundle of arrows bound together and asks the strongest of them to break it.  Despite all his efforts, the man cannot do it.  To his subjects he says, "As my inheritance, I bequeath to you the union among you all. Be united with one another. This oneness will give you great strength, which alone you would never be able to attain."  (the power of kindness by: Piero Ferrucci)