Sunday, August 3, 2014

Practice... NOW!

Feeling anxious or run down!  Recharge your body in 15 min. I wanted to share a few yoga postures that are quick, easy and effective for a rapid recovery from a long day!  Also, a great practice for early morning, or right before a stressful meeting at the office!!!  No excuses not to practice, quick and easy!

Always remember to stay in your pain free range, adjust as needed my cues will be minimal… I have confidence in you that you can figure it out! Just move and FEEL in your body and use your own common sense. Practice at your own risk!

BALASANA ~ Childs pose - Breath deep… 
Press into your palms and hollow out your under arms relaxing the shoulders… 
Play with where you send your breath, breathe into your back, breathe into your side ribs, breathe up under your shoulder blades… Take at least 10 breaths here, settle in….

Knees can be together or apart… Arms extended or not… 
Be comfy and breathe!
This is an excellent place to begin to notice the inner landscape, 
set an intention for relaxation or anything your little heart desires!

ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA ~ Downward Dog - 10 breaths.
Move around bending knees one at a time, pressing heels or find stillness… 
Keep your abdominals active and strengthen by pushing all of your weight back to the legs and feet.

                                I love the play of giving and receiving here in this pose… 
                                       Press down your strength, lift up your grace!

Hop or Walk forward to UTTANASANA ~ Standing Forward Fold - Dangle arms and head, 5 big breaths into your back. I like to keep my knees bent here, it allows my spine to create that much required "AHHHHH" space AND keeps my hamstrings and back safe! 

Enjoy a few yes and no nods of the head slowly here to release any neck tension! Rock side to side, this is a great pose to move slowly and see what opens up for you! 

OKAY - HERE WE GO.. Let's move!

SURYA NAMASKAR ~ Variation C - Be sure to switch legs (2nd time stepping back with opposite leg and switching on the way back up the other side) See below. (Do 2-6 rounds) :)

Move slowly…

EKA PADA RAJAKAPOTASANA ~ Pigeon Pose - 10 Breaths on each side

In Pigeon - From all 4's bring right knee forward behind right wrist, wiggle front foot forward as far as you can (activate toes and pinky toe side of foot pressing into floor) without feeling anything in the knee, then press back leg back until your hips lower towards the floor. Keep hips next to each other, back leg hip, knee and ankle are all in one line with each other and slightly in (rotation is an inward spiral). Front leg rotation is an outward spiral. *(Spirals are subtle) For extra support prop up bent leg side with a pillow under your butt.  This pose is intense but, never should cause any pain. 

JANU SIRSASANA ~ Head-to-knee forward bend - 5 breaths on each side.

This is a light twist and a fold… Grab ahold of your shin, or ankle or just sit upright if that's enough, how far you fold forward is not the goal. Breathing is the goal! Think Less, Feel More!

INVERSIONS ~ L - Shape handstand Prep 

From downward dog, shift shoulders over wrist and press feet into wall (butt height) as you straighten your legs let your hips move over your shoulders, press into floor with your hands and engage ALL abdominals, LIFT energetically with the backs of your legs! Advanced move - If anything does not feel right MOVE ON!

VIPARITA KARANI ~ Legs up the wall pose (10 breaths or longer if time permits)

SUPTA MATSYENDRASANA~ Reclined spinal twist - 5 breaths each side (or more, this pose is my favorite)!

If this twist is too much place a pillow between your legs!

ANANDA BALASANA ~ Happy Baby Pose - 5 breaths

Relax in your lower back, the wider your knees the easier it is to reach feet… or grab something closer to you so you can relax (ankles, back of thighs).

SAVASANA - Ahhh, Relax Time… THE MOST IMPORTANT POSE YOU'LL DO ALL DAY!  You could play your favorite song and when it's over stay for a few extra breaths. Sometimes I crave the silence and if I feel like I won't give myself enough time I'll count about 10 breaths then stay for at least 10 more…

BONUS  ~ Have your journal handy and write a few things down before you practice then after practice. Sometimes I like to write myself interview type questions then answer them.

                        And now.. You can enjoy your evening. Dance on the rug or whatever!

I always like to add a photo just for fun! 

** Comments, questions, requests for blog topics are always welcome! 

Thank you for reading!