Thursday, September 15, 2011

Remembering is Kindness

When you look back through your life, notice how important the relationships you've had, have helped to shape who you are.  Relationships can be friends, lovers, family members, simple acquaintances, teachers, and many many others who in some way or another have had an impact on your life.  The relationships we have, help weave our web of life in all it's intricate details.  Now, think of those relationships that at one point in our lives served a purpose; when that purpose was over, no matter how important they once were, did we discard that person? Discard, hrrmmm, that seems so harsh of a word to use well, it's true, we lose contact, don't call them anymore, avoid their voice mails or attempts to reconnect, is this kindness?  In this busy, hurried world of ours it's easy to use people for selfish purposes and then discard them like yesterdays newspaper when we are done.  Oh, don't fool yourselves I'm pretty sure we've all done this, sad thing is, you don't even realize it.  I bet if you look back at some of your "meaningful" relationships you've had in the past this has happened to you, or you've done it to someone else.  You may say well, you are walking different paths and maybe your paths just don't cross anymore; and while this may be true, if it was a meaningful relationship in the first place, or this person helped shape you in some way, is it kind to forget them?  What if the shoe was on the other foot?  You went out of your way to help someone, you thought they were your friend, you shared a strong bond, then all of a sudden, they don't need you anymore; how would or has that made you feel?  I've done this before, and it's been done to me (not on purpose but, still)! I'm just saying maybe the people who have crossed our paths and we've forged relationships with deserve better, even just a phone call a simple hello, how are you?  Our lives will continue, we will change jobs, lose loved ones, move, change our lifestyles ect...sometimes all we want as humans is to be remembered... We are like trees, even the deepest, furthest, smallest roots still matter. Take a moment to think of some of those people that mean or have meant a lot to you, if you can get in touch with them, give them a call, say hello, let them know they matter to you!  We want to be remembered, we want to matter.  We cross each others path in this life for a reason.  If you believe in reincarnation, there is a belief that everyone you come in contact with in this life, you had in your life in past lives, we are still working out those lessons in our every day encounters. I know I'm definitely going to give some of those people a call, even there was a reason at one point that we lost touch, they still made an impact on my life and I still care!

The inspiration from this blog came from: The power of kindness by Piero Ferrucci, chapter on Respect.

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